Black Couple Picnic

Otto Kahn



Jimmy Walker

Black Girl

Mules and Men

Jazz Drummer

Jazz Combo

Louie Armstrong


Harlem Dandy


General Porfirio Díaz

Babe Ruth


FDR Valentine

Will Rogers & Noel Coward

FDR with beer

George Arliss vs. Cardinal Richelieu, Duke of Wellington, and Disreali

Vanity Fair, January 1936

Marie of Romania & Mae West

Vanity Fair, June 1932

Freud and Harlow

Vanity Fair, May 1935

Walt Disney


“Our changing tastes … in 1938″

From the May 15, 1938, edition of American Vogue, Miguel Covarrubias’ illustration for an article titled “Our changing tastes … in 1938″. The celebrities of the moment, from left, are Benny Goodman, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, Orson Welles, Robert Taylor, Lily Pons, Dali, Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontaine, Walt Disney, Dorothy Thompson and Shirley Temple.


Gouache on board, 1933

Gandhi and ...

Vanity Fair, December 1931

"A Salon Recital of Modern Music..."

"A Salon Recital of Modern Music: One of Those Awesomely Elegant Evenings Which Society Has to Suffer—Seen by Covarrubias," Vanity Fair, February 1929, 54.

The caption (Covarrubias's own?) continues with a snide explication du texte: "In the forefront of mondaine [sic ] musical circles is M. Pierre Paravent, the most recently imported Parisian pianist. Not to have heard Paravent is to be completely out of the present season. He has therefore been rented for the evening by Mrs. Bartow Blodgett, the monumental matron at left-center, for the entertainment of a number of tremendously important people.

This he is endeavouring to do by rendering a program of his own compositions, in which he specializes. This is no stuff for weaklings and the auditors are taking it according to their several capabilities. The hostess is flanked by her daughter who is entranced by both the piece and the performer, and by her mother, Mrs. Holzderber, who is resting easily on her pearl dog-collar.

In the center row, from left to right, are Horace Bankhead, critic, Lady Cragsmoor and lorgnette, Mrs. Dapper, wearing her famous Mona Lisa smile, and the young Camberwells who are plotting an escape. In the background two low-browed husbands are talking about the stock market while the host, at right, ponders grimly on the cost of all this noise Paravent produces."

Mae West

Between 1923 and 1957, ink on paper

Impossible Interview: Huey Long vs. Benito Mussolini

Vanity Fair, March 1932

Impossible Interviews- no. 15. S.L. Rothafel versus Arturo Toscanini

Published in Vanity Fair (New York),
Feb. 1933, p. 25.
Miguel Covarrubias/ Vanity Fair
© Conde Nast Publications, Inc.

Scientist Dr. William Beebe

1928, ink and wash

Impossible interviews - no. 18: Herr Adolf Hitler and Huey S. "Hooey" Long versus Josef Stalin and Benito Mussolini

Gouache on board, 1933
Published in Vanity Fair, June 1933
Miguel Covarrubias / Vanity Fair
© Conde Nast Publications, Inc.
Caroline and Erwin Swann Collection
of Caricature and Cartoon
Prints and Photographs Division (2)

Mexican caricaturist Miguel Covarrubias (1904-1957) created this derisive group portrait of the three most powerful European dictators and Huey Long, United States senator from Louisiana, in 1933 for his celebrated series of "Impossible Interviews" published in Vanity Fair. Born in Mexico City, Covarrubias showed early artistic talent and in 1923, on a scholarship from the Mexican government, left for New York City, where he quickly gained a reputation as an accomplished caricaturist. By 1925, he had become one of Vanity Fair's principal contributors and as renowned as the men and women he drew. In his introduction to Covarrubias's first book, The Prince of Wales and Other Famous Americans (1925), performing arts critic Carl Van Vechten wrote, "At the present moment, Miguel Covarrubias is about as well known in New York as it would be possible for anyone to be." -

George Gershwin, An American in Paris


Garbo on couch with ...

Kate Smith and ...

Rockefeller and Stalin

Vanity Fair, April 1932


Miguel Covarrubias. MIGUEL COVARRUBIAS: FOUR VISIONS. [SN21645X] $50

Madrid: Editorial RM, 2005. 1st. 4to (11-13"), 224pp, color and b&w, cloth spine, pictorial boards. VF. Limited to 5000 copies.

Subtitled, "A National Homage to Miguel Covarrubias." A beautiful monograph devoted to Covarrubias' entire life and works. Reproduces numerous caricatures as well as his other illustrations and later ethnographic art & books. Reproduces a number of pieces from the rare books including Negro Drawings and The Prince of Wales. Text in both English and Spanish.

Auguste Piccard & William Beebe

Vanity Fair, April 1935

Dr. Samuel Johnson & Alexander Woolcott

Vanity Fair, March 1935

Sally Rand & Martha Graham

Vanity Fair, December 1934

Admiral Richard E. Byrd

Vanity Fair, December 1934

Emily Post

Vanity Fair, December 1933

Arthur Brisbane & The Sphinx

Vanity Fair, May 1933

Mrs. Ella Boole & Miss Texas Guinan

Vanity Fair, January 1933

Ex-King Alfonso & James J. Walker

Vanity Fair, December 1932

Clark Gable & Edward, Prince of Wales

Vanity Fair, November 1932

Senator Smith W. Brookhart & Marlene Dietrich

Vanity Fair, September 1932

Jim Londos & Herbert Hoover

Vanity Fair, August 1932

Al Capone & Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes

Vanity Fair, October 1932

Eve and ...